Semi-dry cider

Sweet and sparkling cider
33cl - Alc. 4%
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Basque Cider 100% fresh apples without any additives %100 sagar freskoak gehigarririk gabe
The Basque cider of Kupela is a nod to the Hard cider of the American micro-cideries. Not too sweet, it offers a 100% natural refreshing and acidulated sensation. Conditioned in a 33cl format, this is a real alternative to beer.
Artisanal product of Basque Country.
Enjoy while fresh, preferably on a beach of the Basque coast but otherwise it's okay. 4% ABV. To consume in moderation.
No added colorants, no additives and no conservatives

Quality natural drinks made from fresh local apples


Thanks to the unique know-how of a traditional and ancestral method


The Kupela range brings a new dynamic to the Basque elixir with original and modern recipes