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"Sagardoa" The traditional Basque cider.

Iconic beverage of Basque Country and its gastronomy, Sagardoa or apple wine looks like cider. It is crafted from fresh apples.

Apples are harvested at full maturity, in the orchards surrounding the village of Astigarraga. Sagardoa is produced by fermentation, without added sugar, water or any other additive. Thanks to the know-how of our cider maker, Kupela Sagardoa stands out by an unique character, balanced flavors and fresh acidulated apple notes. This craft beverage contains a low level of sugar and is particularly appreciated with pintxos, tapas and other salted dishes.


The humid and temperate climate of Basque Country is naturally favorable to the apple culture. This fruit seems to hold a central place on the Basque tables since the dawn of time. The Basque fishermen made famous apple wine beyond their country, throughout their numerous trips. They boarded on their vessels with barrels of this Sagardoa rich in vitamin C, which allowed them to fight against scurvy during the longest pilgrimages. Since then, apple wine became a reference for all lovers of gastronomy.


It’s Agustín Etxeberria, cider master, at Astigarraga, the mecca of Basque cider, who elaborates the Kupela craft cider. While remaining faithful to this traditional know-how, Kupela now offers its organic cider. The acidulous aromas of the best Basque apple varieties from organic agriculture are deployed naturally in this pearl spontaneous beverage.


In the Basque Country, especially in the lanes of the old neighborhood of Donostia (San Sebastián), at the end of the day the bars and taverns are filled with a heterogenous crowd. Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, tourists come down to eat some pintxos and to drink a glass.
More than the beer and the wine, the emblematic beverage of this conviviality moment is apple wine, served at arm’s length in typical cider glasses. Its lightness and fruity aromas perfectly match with pintxos. Its light acidity clarifies the palate and prepares for the next bite.

Here as elsewhere, apple wine remains the ideal drink to accompany pintxos and tapas.