Sagar Jusa

Apple juice
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Sagar jusa – Apple juice 25cl 100% fresh apples without any additives %100 sagar freskoak gehigarririk gabe
The Sagar Jusa transports you to the green valleys of the Basque Country. We pick up the apples at full maturity to offer the richest flavors and a 100% natural sugar.
100% pure apple juice, with no added sugar or water. Apples cold pressed mechanically to preserve all the flavor of the fruit.
To drink fresh or at room temperature. Easy to carry in its small glass bottle of 25cl.
No added colorants, no additives and no conservatives

Quality natural drinks made from fresh local apples


Thanks to the unique know-how of a traditional and ancestral method


The Kupela range brings a new dynamic to the Basque elixir with original and modern recipes